Certified Front-end & Microsoft Cloud Azure Developer

Website Development & SEO.
What I really am, is a passionate technology enthusiast and curious about all things Web Development.

I help Chiropractic Doctors get more clients by improving their Websites, and turning website visitors into Clients.

by using the Story Brand strategy

Why Chiropractic?
I have been a patient due to my scoliosis and I want that the world see chiropractic as a true form of preventative health care.

I will help with SEO, restabilish your website and set goal.

A website does not have to be very fancy but has to be get to the point and give direction to the visitor to make ACTION

I am aware of technical debt and I tend to Identify the best technical solutions for business requirements, balancing good value with low technical debt.

5+ Years of experience in the Web Development Industry

From Italy to Great Britain to now Based in Brittany, France.


azure-fundamentals-manuele-sapia host website for chiropractic

Microsoft Cloud Azure

I am delighted to share that I passed the AZ-900, Microsoft's Azure Fundamentals Certification! I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about the Cloud and what Microsoft has to offer.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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Coursera certifies their successful completion of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

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